CMU Mentors


Please say hi to our mentors Elliott Toy and Yvonne Ma.  They are dance partners from the Carnegie Mellon University Ballroom Dance Club.  Yvonne is a Junior at Pitt and Elliott will be graduating from CMU this spring.  Yvonne started dancing at a young age in China, but Elliott didn't step on the dance floor until his Freshman year at CMU.  The two travel to our schools to perform and talk to the students about the importance of finding community and a passion for something outside of school/work.  Yvonne grew up loving to dance, but Elliott stumbled upon it by stepping out of his comfort zone and trying something new.  He never would have thought that he would be competing, and winning, ballroom dance competitions as well as finding some amazing and life-long friendships.  We hope that their stories will inspire our students to step out of their comfort zones to find new passions and new hobbies that help them stay connected to others, have an outlet for stress and anxiety, challenge themselves in new ways, become more self-confident and just have fun!