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January 2021 - Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is live - January 2020!

A Look Back at 2018-2019

Pittsburgh Phillips -                                                                                                                                     Our last school of the year, but certainly not the least.  We were lucky enough to work with every student at Phillips - Kindergarten all the way to Fifth Grade.  We enjoyed being able to utilize the gym and the outside playground to enjoy class in the beautiful Pittsburgh weather!  We are looking forward to working with these students and staff again next year!

Pittsburgh Whittier -                                                                                                                                   We really miss this group of students.  They really surprised us with their energy, enthusiasm and joy.  They were always excited to come to class and they always made us smile and laugh.  Thank you Pittsburgh Whittier for having us this year, we cannot wait to watch you grow again next year!

Pittsburgh Westwood -                                                                                                                              We loved working with all of these amazing students.  They each left a mark on our hearts.  This was our first Pittsburgh Public school and we could not be more happy about that.  We cannot wait to work with them in the future!!

Namaste Pittsburgh Banksville -                                                                                                          They have an amazing diverse culture, which makes for a fun yoga class.

Crafton Children's Corner PreK Counts Classroom -                                                                                 Practicing their self-control, mindfulness, and teamwork through yoga.

Environmental Charter School 2018-                                                                                 End of session fun...

Team Yoga Poses at Sister Thea Bowman Catholic Academy