Quotes from Our First Year…

Last Day 4th Grade
At the end of every residency we like to hand out surveys to teachers, students and parents.  Their feedback is important to us and gives us the tools we need to grow and develop into the best provider we can be fore them.  Below are some of the feedback we received this first year.

“We loved everything! I would love more time! Thank you for being a positive influence in our school. You and your team are amazing! Thank you!”

“My students love your program! Thank you so much I wish they could have it more often!!!”

“The E.S.T.E.E.M. Group program has been a huge success in my classroom. My students love starting the day off with calm activities.”

“It [E.S.T.E.E.M.] lets me share my honest feelings.”

“It has made me feel alive during the day and active.”

“It helped me become a better person.”

“It helped me learn to treat others kindly no matter what they look like.”

“It helped, because I learned more about myself.”

“It helped me to try my best and never give up.”

“It helped me to be comfortable around other kids.”

“The yoga exercises seemed to allow her to relax a little more at home.”

“I feel this was a very nice experience for the parents to be a part of and the kids seem to really enjoy this program.”